Basics on Replacing Existing Siding

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June 4, 2018
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Basics on Replacing Existing Siding


If you’ve lived in your home for some time, there are a few exterior areas that might begin to show wear that may lower your curb appeal and home value. One such area? Your siding.

At Double T Inc., we have several new siding options available, whether you’re looking to fully replace your home’s siding or simply update what’s already there. If you love your current siding and simply want to replace it with the exact same coloration, that’s not an issue at all – here’s the basic process we’ll help walk you through.


To duplicate your current siding, we will need some basic information on what goes into it. This includes basics like the manufacturer, the color name and others.

Using this information, our staff can match your siding to options we have available through our vendors. We have multiple material and tone options available, meaning we can often upgrade your home’s look just a bit without sacrificing the primary tone you’re using.


If needed, we can help you get your siding tested. This is to help maintain an exact look, or in some cases is to ensure compliance with a Homeowners Association that’s strict about exterior home elements. If you’re in a neighborhood that requires standardization in this area, this kind of testing could be really valuable to help ensure you aren’t in violation of any rules and don’t risk eviction or other problems.

New Siding

Once your options are laid out on the table, you can make the right decision for your home. Whether you choose to go for an exact match, something similar but different, or even a completely revamped look for your siding, we have the right products on hand to help.

We can quote several options for varying budgets. If you’ve begun to notice that the siding on the outside of your home is wearing down or losing its color, call us today at Double T Inc. to learn more.