Fall Window Cleaning Advice

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Fall Window Cleaning Advice

The air is crisp, the leaves are beginning to turn, and fall is officially here. As the gateway into the harsh and cold winter, the fall is an optimal time for certain bits of home maintenance – including window cleaning.

At Double-T, we’re here to help as you get started on fall window cleaning. Dirty windows block natural light and can be a major source of lost heat in the home, on top of the visual drawbacks they come with. Here are some general tips for window cleaning this time of year, and the kinds of cleaners you should use.

Cleaning Tips

  • Check all windows for leaks before cleaning begins. Worn out seals are a major source of heat loss during the winter months.
  • Dust all blinds and clean all draperies before glass cleaning takes place. Always be sure to follow care instructions on these item while performing these tasks. Consider swapping out lighter window coverings for insulated seasonal versions that will help to trap heat more effectively.
  • Remove and clean all window screens. Many people find success with a garden hose here if you have outdoor access. Also look for any tears or holes that need repairing.
  • Give a good, thorough scrubbing to all window sills and tracks.
  • Clean and insert storm windows for the winter season if these were removed over the summer.

Glass Cleaners

There are some specific directions that you should always follow when it comes to glass cleaners, regardless of the season. Always use a residue-free cleaner, firstly – residues from soaps, scents and dyes found in many other types of glass cleaners will commonly form streaks on glass, and they can also attract dust and dirt to the surface. In addition, always use a microfiber cloth. As you clean, scrub with an up-and-down motion on one side of the window with a side-to-side pattern on the other – this will allow you to easily identify any missed spots.

For more on fall glass cleaning, or to find out about new windows, rain gutters or siding, speak to the pros at Double-T today.