Home Siding: It’s More than Just for Show

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March 4, 2014
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Home Siding: It’s More than Just for Show

Your home’s exterior walls and siding aren’t just for sheer aesthetics. Admittedly, the siding itself adds an extra layer of visual appeal to a home – adding some much needed depth or design to a bland looking exterior wall surface.

Your home’s siding is a multi-purpose material that’s more than just for show. Not only does it protect your home from the elements, it also provides some much needed insulation for the cold months.

Siding Shields the Home

The main purpose of siding is to protect the home from the elements. It doesn’t just shield the exterior wall, though; it also protects the foundations and the contents within. Water is arguably the most dangerous thing that can ever pass through the walls. Without siding, your home is vulnerable to water damage that can potentially cost several hundreds of dollars.

Your home’s exterior walls are durable on their own, but slight aberrations, along with regular wearing and tearing, makes them susceptible to water invasion from rain or snow. The siding keeps out water and debris from entering the walls, which in turn prevents moisture build-up.

Another advantage of installing siding in your home is that it provides insulation during the colder months. The thick surface of the covering acts as a “natural” insulator, absorbing heat but trapping them between the exterior wall and the siding surface. This keeps your house warm during the colder months. You can also potentially reduce your heater usage and electrical bill, thanks to the insulation the siding provides.

Siding Replacement and Maintenance

Although siding is a multi-purpose surface that protects and insulates your home, it still requires regular maintenance. It may be difficult to tell, but there are some signs you need new siding for your Salt Lake City home.

The easiest sign is if the surface of the siding starts to bend and warp, or if they seem unusually soft to the touch. This is a clear indicator that water and moisture may already be getting on the surface of the siding and into the exterior wall. Black or green patches are also things to watch out for. It means there’s ample moisture underneath the siding, and it’s causing mold and mildew to proliferate.

At Double T. Inc., we know that siding doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics of your home. It’s a necessity if you want to completely protect your home from the elements, as well as provide natural insulation during the colder months. Contact us today for your home siding needs.