Spring Rain Gutter Maintenance Tasks to Consider

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Spring Rain Gutter Maintenance Tasks to Consider

spring rain gutter maintenance

We’re into a beautiful Utah spring after a winter that felt like it would never end, and that means it’s time for a few basic areas of upkeep and maintenance headed into the summer if you’re a homeowner. Among the important areas to evaluate during this period? Your rain gutters.

At Double T Inc., we offer high-quality new rain gutter options if your spring checks reveal that it’s time to consider a new drainage system. We can also provide quality gutter repair and expertise, including within the realm of seasonal inspections and upkeep. Here are a few broad areas we recommend attending to this spring, whether on your own or with assistance from our team.

spring rain gutter maintenance

General Cleaning

Gutters have to be cleaned out at least twice a year, or even more often if your property has tall trees or other common debris in it, and the spring is the perfect time of year to handle this. Many blockage types may have built up over the winter, whether we’re talking about bunches of leaves, bending or warping caused by weather elements, or cracks and damage caused by ice, wind or related impacts.

During the spring, you have a chance to clear your gutters of any such issues. All you need is a short ladder and someone to hold it steady, plus a pair of gloves and potentially a gutter-clearing tool (be sure to choose one that won’t scratch your gutters).

Damage Checks and Repairs

While you’re clearing the gutters of basic blockages, you should also be inspecting the entire system for visible signs of damage. When we say damage, we’re referring to everything from loose screws or seams to rust, sagging, or gutters pulling away from the structure. If these concerns aren’t addressed right away, they’ll only get worse and be tougher – and more expensive – to repair down the line.

In some cases, you may be able to repair minor damage on your own. A single loose screw is something most handy homeowners can handle, for instance. In larger damage situations, however, such as sagging or pulling, you’ll need to call our professionals so your safety and the gutter’s quality isn’t put at risk.

Gutter Guards

If you’ve discovered over previous years that your gutters are prone to significant buildups during a given season like spring, you have options at your disposal. One such option is a gutter guard, which come in various different types and are designed to protect the gutters from debris and buildups. These guards allow water to pass while preventing the flow of leaves, dirt and other potential blockages.

For more on important spring upkeep tasks for your rain gutters, or to learn more about any of our rain siding installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Double T Inc. today.