Red Flags Signaling Need for Window Replacement

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May 14, 2019
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Red Flags Signaling Need for Window Replacement

red flags window replacement

Within any home or building, windows are a vital component for several important reasons. Not only are they your structure’s first line of defense against many elements, they also play a big role in everything from energy efficiency to occupant comfort on a day-to-day basis.

At Double T Inc., we’re here to provide you with the highest quality in window replacement and installation services anytime any of these areas is lacking. What are some of the signs that your windows are reaching a point where replacing them is the right, cost-effective move? This two-part blog will go over several areas you might want to keep an eye on if they apply to the windows in your home or building.

red flags window replacement

Moisture and Condensation

Many of us are familiar with condensation, a natural effect that takes place due to temperature imbalances outside or inside a given material. The glass in your windows is one of the most common potential condensation locations – condensation may occur for two distinct reasons:

  1. Temperature outside the glass is significantly colder than that inside the glass, and the humidity levels inside may also be significantly higher.
  2. Temperature inside the glass is significantly colder than outside, and humidity levels inside may also be lower.

In many cases, seeing one of these forms of condensation indicates that your window is not properly regulating temperature between outdoors and indoors. This may be due to leaking areas or poor window quality. In other situations, you may notice moisture forming between the glass panes in your window, a process known as seal failure – this will often lead to major fogging of the windows, and is another sign that they could use a replacement.

Draft Concerns

When you open your windows during the cool spring, you expect to feel a nice breeze and some fresh air. When you close them, however, this draft should disappear – and if it doesn’t, this could be a red flag. Drafts due to poor window quality or seals may lead to issues with your HVAC system throughout the home, including often confusing your thermostat and raising the strain on your AC system or furnace (depending on the season). In many cases, this will raise your utility bill each month as well.

Opening and Closing Issues

In still other situations, you may notice that your windows have trouble opening or closing like they used to. This is often due to issues with the frame, or even with shifting taking place in the foundation of the home that makes window operation more difficult. While very minor issues here might allow for simple repair, most of these cases involve larger blockages that require a replacement window.

For more on telltale signs that you need new windows, or to learn about any of our gutter repair or siding services, speak to the staff at Double T Inc. today.