Keeping Siding Protected During Winter

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October 20, 2018
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April 22, 2019
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Keeping Siding Protected During Winter

keeping siding protected winter

As a top window and siding company in Utah, we at Double T Inc. are proud of the siding services we offer. Not only can our new siding give your home a new look, it can actually raise the home’s value in many situations, a big asset for homeowners, particularly those potentially looking to sell within the near future.

Part of maintaining that value involves maintaining the siding itself, and the winter we’re entering is one of the most important times here. The winter involves a few more elements and tough conditions hitting siding, and it’s the time when you need to be most vigilant. The right care taken during this season can contribute positively to increasing home values, while ignorance or the wrong steps can detract from it directly. Let’s take a look at a few basic tips.

keeping siding protected winter

Avoid Below-Freezing Installation

Our professionals can install new siding at any time of year, including during the winter. We recommend, however, that you generally don’t try for vinyl siding installation during below-freezing temperatures unless there’s an absolute emergency that requires it.

Installing during these kinds of periods can lead you into issues with siding expansion or contraction, which can take place during extreme hot or cold temperatures. Instead, try to find an installation time when the sun is out, the temperature is well above freezing and there aren’t moisture concerns. Luckily, the basic Utah winter offers plenty of these kinds of opportunities.

Paint and Cover

This is another vinyl-specific siding tip: Don’t paint your siding unless speaking to our experts first. Doing so can void many manufacturer warranties, including the lifetime warranty we offer.

As for covering, be sure to take great care here during the winter. Most modern siding is resistant to fading, but it can be discolored by various elements in some cases. Particularly if you’ll be doing any major projects outside the home, be sure to cover siding properly.

Water Considerations

Water can interfere with the functions of several different siding materials, from vinyl to metal. Corrosion can become an issue on metals, while water may cause issues with vinyl expanding or contracting in some cases. Keep an eye out for any signs of this, and call our professionals if you notice them.

For more on protecting your siding over the winter, or for any of our other services that can help with this or other outdoor home maintenance, speak to the pros at Double T Inc. today.