Common Customized Window Options

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September 17, 2018
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Common Customized Window Options

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Whether in a home or a commercial building, the majority of windows out there come in standard square or rectangle shapes. Every now and then, though, there’s an opportunity to add a customized option that brings a little more life and personality to a given building.

At Double T. Inc, we’re here to help if you’re looking into this theme. Our window services include partnerships with Alside, Amsco, Jeld-wen and Milgard, all of whom can help us offer unique and customizable window options for you. Let’s look at a few popular customized window options and whether they might be right for your home or building.

Picture Windows

Perfect for areas where you’re trying to frame a particular outdoor view, picture windows are made from a single pane of glass that leaves full visibility from inside. There are no visible breaks to this window type, and because it’s single-pane glass instead of double-pane, any blurriness in view is completely eliminated.

Know that with picture windows, you’re sacrificing a bit when it comes to functionality. These windows don’t open for ventilation or as an emergency exit, and you’d better be sure this is the permanent window option you want – picture windows are typically pretty difficult to replace with any other type down the line. But from a design and aesthetic perspective, there are few better options than a picture window.

Bow or Bay Windows

Some people have heard of the bay window option, and the bow is very similar – but with a few important differences. Both these options feature “nooks” that extend away from the exterior of a given room, but bay options are a bit more modern and versatile. Bow windows, on the other hand, are smoother and custom curved, bringing a more traditional look to the room.

For this reason, bow windows are generally a bit more expensive than similar bay options. They may also not have a bench, where bay windows usually will. This is why bay windows are more common today.

Garden Windows

If you’re looking for the feel of a bay window for an even lower cost, the garden window might be perfect for you. It’s a half-sized bay window that comes with shelves instead of benches in the insert area – it was first designed to be used in a greenhouse setting so plants could sit on shelves and get proper sunlight. Garden windows are great for the kitchen sink or out into the back yard.

Hinged/Casement Windows

These are similar options that involve a hinge that lets the window slide outward or upward. These options come with less framing required, but also offer great insulation due to a lack of normal gaps that other window types come with. These improve curb appeal and may even improve your heating and air costs as well.

For more on customizable window options, or to learn about new siding, a new rain gutter or any of our other services, speak to the staff at Double T. Inc today.