Tips on Choosing Window Frame Material

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August 6, 2018
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October 20, 2018
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Tips on Choosing Window Frame Material

Window Frame Material

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If you’re considering replacing or installing new windows in your home or business, Double T Inc. is the place to be. Our experienced pros can help you with everything from labor to manufacturer access, with partnerships with numerous fantastic suppliers of top-quality windows and frames.

How do you know which kind of frame to choose for your new windows? Most people tend to focus on glass material first and foremost, and while this is understandable, it shouldn’t come at the expense of significant consideration being put into your frame material. With that in mind, here are four common frame materials, and some basics on each.


If your primary goal with your window frame is to deal with as little maintenance as possible, vinyl is generally the way to go. It’s fully customizable when it comes to color, and is a less expensive option than specific window framing.

In addition, vinyl is generally the product that’s used in modern buildings when it comes to siding on the exterior. This means that such homes will coordinate well with vinyl window frames.


Wood frames are likely the oldest option still on the market, and they bring a classic look – with certain modern benefits as well, however. In particular, wooden window frames are fantastic for insulation, transferring less heat or cool air than other formats. For the homeowner who values insulation and energy efficiency, wood is the right choice.

Now, know that wooden frame options involve a bit more maintenance than vinyl options. This is particularly true if you ever deal with high humidity in your home, as this can cause wood frames to shift or swell – or even to rot in some cases. If you have the time to maintain them and keep them from getting too moist, though, they’re a great option.


Composite is a man-made material that’s generally created using a combination of recycled plastics and scrap wood shavings. Composite is great for someone looking for the aesthetic of a wooden frame, but without some of the maintenance concerns that come with wood. Composites are also very popular among eco-friendly homeowners, due in large part to their use of recycled plastics. Some composite frames may also include fiberglass, which is the most durable product we’ve named so far.


Wood-clad window frames describe those that have wood on the inside, stained to your liking, but then have vinyl or aluminum on the outside for durability benefits. This option removes the downsides of each choice above; you get low transfers of heat and cold like you would with wood frames, but with none of the detailed maintenance items these frames tend to require. You have to be careful about your seal with wood-clad frames, however, as even a small sealing issue will damage the wooden part and lead to warping quickly.

For more on the various window frame styles available to you, or to learn more about any of our rain gutter, siding or window services, speak to the staff at Double T Inc. today.