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July 15, 2018
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End-of-Summer Exterior Maintenance

At Double T Inc., we’re here to help you maintain several of the most important exterior features of your home. Whether you require help with siding, rain gutters or one of our other areas, we can help you make sure your exterior is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the important times of the year for this kind of thing is the end of summer, which also signals a transition into fall and the colder winter months. It’s never too early to think about little bits of exterior maintenance as August winds down – with that in mind, here are a few tips to get started on an end-of-summer maintenance program.

Basic Inspection

For starters, consider the basic ways you can inspect important exterior elements. If you have vinyl siding, look for gaps, warping and cracks. If you have wood exterior, look for any moisture buildup or areas where water might.

Regardless of your material, another important outdoor area to check is warping or melting due to heat. The hot summer causes lots of reflections of heat, and sometimes this can lead to warping or melting that not only damages your siding, but also releases toxic chemicals into the air. Contact our pros right away if you notice this issue anywhere.

Start Up Top, Then Move Down

It’s best to start high up on the home, generally on the roof if you’re able to inspect it safely. While you’re up there, give your rain gutters a careful look to ensure there’s no debris or other blockage in the way. Clear leaves and branches, which can cause clog issues in the rain gutters.

From here, move down a bit to windows. You might just need a little extra caulk for better sealing, but also ensure there are no big gaps or cracks that might require our professional service.

Curb Appeal Areas

Your first priority should be practicality during this maintenance, but there’s nothing wrong with sprucing up your home’s outdoor curb appeal at the same time. Think about little things like tidying the yard, pressure washing dirty areas and removing any clutter. Prune trees, remove dead plants and prepare the lawn for the tougher season. Also clean any maintain any important hardscape areas.

For more on end-of-summer exterior maintenance, or to find out about any of our services in siding, rain gutters, windows and more, speak to the pros at Double T Inc. today.