Spring Window Cleaning Tips

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Spring Window Cleaning Tips

If you’ve recently made a great decision to install beautiful new windows from Double T, now your focus moves to maintaining them. And with springtime now fully in sight, it’s time for a few seasonal bits of upkeep.

Our goal at Double T isn’t just providing you with top notch products and installation, but also helping you with their upkeep and maintenance. Here are a few tips for spring window cleaning.

Remove Screens

It’s tempting to skip this step, but the screens on your windows actually hold some of the most dirt. You’d be surprised just how much the look of your window will change with dirty screens, even if you do a perfect job cleaning both the inside and outside of the window. Screens are also loaded with mildew, which you don’t want to start spreading.

Squeegee Time – Dry the Edges!

Especially for a big clean to start off the spring, put away the paper towels and break out the squeegee. A squeegee actually pulls dirt off the surface of the window – especially for tougher dirt, paper towels often just move the dirt around.

If you’re using a squeegee, though, be very sure to dry the edges of your windows before removing water and cleaning solution. If the edge isn’t dry, all you’ll be doing is smearing dirty water right across clean glass.

Sills and Tracks

Sills and tracks both get very dirty during winter months, and adding water to this only creates more mess. Instead, remove as much dry material as you can beforehand, including vacuuming to loosen dirt and debris if necessary.

Hold Off On Ammonia

Ammonia-based cleaners can be great for a basic shine, but for a deeper spring cleaning, you want to scrub the glass itself – and ammonia isn’t as good in these situations. Look for more natural products for this bigger clean, and save the ammonia for a quicker job.

Call the Pros

If you’re struggling or unsure about any element here, contact us at Double T. We can tell you any specific cleaner or product information you need to know, plus give you more in-depth tips for cleaning your windows in any season. Speak to our customer service representatives today to learn more about our window services.