Top Reasons to Keep Your Home’s Gutters in Good Repair

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May 2, 2016
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July 1, 2016
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Top Reasons to Keep Your Home’s Gutters in Good Repair

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

In what condition are the rain gutters on the outside of your home? If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you don’t give them much thought from day to day, and you probably don’t take much time to do regular maintenance unless you notice that something obvious is wrong with the gutters. While it might seem like just one more hassle that you have to think about, the truth is that your gutters play a vital role in keeping your home safe and looking its best, and they can protect your roof, your foundation, and the areas around your home as well. Here are the reasons you should be paying attention and getting them inspected and repaired regularly.

1: Roof Protection

Perhaps the primary reason to make sure your gutters are always in good repair is that damaged or overflowing gutters can be a major problem for the shingles on your roof. If water is unable to flow off the roof and out into the yard, the resulting standing water could lead to roof leaks, damaged shingles, and more.

2: Basement & Foundation Protection

It might surprise you to learn that an average-size home moves 28 million cubic inches of water from the roof out into the yard and away from the house—that is, when the gutters are doing their job. When they are not doing their job of getting that water to a safe distance from your home, it will build up around the base of the home and could cause damage to the foundation, or could find its way inside and cause flooding in your crawl space or basement. It’s much easier to protect your home with proper maintenance on your gutters, or replacing them with new gutters when they get worn out, than trying to deal with a flooded basement.

3: Landscape Protection

Another potential area that might get damaged when water is not properly channeled from the roof out away from the house is your landscaping. Whether it’s just to prevent flooding when the dirt around the house gets washed away, or you have flowers, vegetable gardens, grass, and shrubs that you have planted around the house, keeping your gutters working properly ensures that the water from the roof won’t come and wash all these things right down into the neighbor’s yard, or the street.

4: Home Investment Protection

One final reason to check your gutters and make repairs, or call a gutter installation company today to help you get new ones, is to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Having properly installed and well-maintained gutters can boost the curb appeal of your home, whether that is so you can sell it or just so you can be proud of where you live.

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