Basics on Popular Window Styles

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February 2, 2018
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Basics on Popular Window Styles

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For those looking at options when it comes to new windows, you might be a bit overwhelmed. The modern marketplace features numerous window style options, each of which comes with a few practical and subjective benefits and drawbacks.

At Double T Inc., we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from – plus experts who can help you make the right choice for your home. Here are a few different window styles you might consider.

Hung Windows

Maybe the most common window style in the US today, hung windows are the very familiar style where one of the sashes slides up or down to open and close the window. There are two primary varieties of hung windows: Double hung, where both the top and bottom sashes can move, and single hung, where only the bottom sash can move and the top sash is fixed in place. You can never go wrong with a basic hung window style for ease and convenience.

Awning Windows

For those looking for slightly better ventilation, the awning window might be an option. Awning windows open using a crank handle, swinging up and out from their hinges, which are located at the top. They’re the only style of window that can be opened during a rainstorm without getting water all over the room.

Slider Windows

The slider window is also very popular. It features openings that run side-to-side rather than up and down like hung windows. Slider windows are perfect for wider window options, and there are several varieties of slider windows available that can add a fixed pane to the center or allow sashes on both sides to move.

Casement Windows

Like awning windows, casement windows use a crank handle to open. The difference, though, is that they swing out toward the outside from hinges on the side of the window – they can’t be opened during a rainstorm, in other words. But they provide even better ventilation than awning windows, and they’re great for areas where it’s tougher to open hung or sliding windows – the area behind the kitchen sink, for instance, is a common one for casement windows.

For more on any of our new windows, or to learn about our rain gutter or siding services, speak to the pros at Double T Inc. today.