Safety Precautions While Cleaning Rain Gutters

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January 2, 2018
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March 2, 2018
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Safety Precautions While Cleaning Rain Gutters

Rain Gutter Cleaning. Scooping leaves from gutter. Clean and Repair Rain Gutters and Downspout with roofer hands. Step by Step.

Regardless of what time of year it is, cleaning out gutters of leaves, dirt and other debris is an important home task. Keeping the rain gutter free of debris prevents damage that might crop up during the harsh winter, among other things.

At Double T Inc., we’re here to help with all rain gutter repair and other issues – and with safety while handling these areas. Here are some basic safety areas to consider as you’re cleaning your rain gutters.

Ladder Safety

Most injuries that take place during gutter cleaning are the result of ladder issues – especially during the winter when there’s more cold and moisture around. Always use a sturdy ladder with reinforced legs – fiberglass or aluminum ladders with four legs are preferred. For extra safety, use a ladder with a shelf at the top, which allows you to place a bucket in it and collect debris from the gutter.

Using a Scoop

Instead of using your hands to collect debris, use a gutter scoop made specifically for this purpose. Be sure to use a plastic gutter scoop – metal scoops can scratch the bottoms of gutters and lead to rust and deterioration.

Proper Protection

Always wear proper protection to keep yourself safe from bacteria or any other danger in the gutters. Use thick suede gloves, which won’t soak up water but will hold up to very heavy usage. And be sure to wear a pair of safety glasses to keep your eyes safe.

Gutter Guards

If your home has regular gutter clogging or debris issues, you might want to consider gutter guards. These are basic, inexpensive items that block debris from entering the gutters and make cleaning them far simpler.

Hiring Pros

Finally, if you’re having major gutter issues you can’t resolve, our DTI professionals can help. Whether you need a new rain gutter or just a more involved cleaning method than you were using before, our experts can help.

For more on cleaning rain gutters or to learn about any of our other services, speak to the pros at Double T Inc. today.