Preventing Ice and Snow Roof Damage

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October 1, 2017
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February 2, 2018
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Preventing Ice and Snow Roof Damage

Snow drift on roof after two days of snowfalls

We’ve already seen a bit of snow so far in this Utah winter, and there’s surely more on the way. This means a few things for homeowners, and one of these is ensuring the roof is properly prepared for snowfall and the stress it places on the roof of the home.

Should you be worried about snow damaging your roof? Let’s look at a couple different types of damage and how likely they are, plus how our Double T specialists can help.

Ice Damage

While many worry about snow first and foremost, ice actually tends to be a larger concern for homeowners and their roofs than any snow-related damage. Ice dams can crop up during any snow event, not just heavy ones, and they can do major damage to roofing.

If gutters aren’t as clear as they should be, ice dams can form in these areas as well. As ice dams melt, roofs without the proper protection will begin to see water penetrating the shingles and roofing tiles. This weakens sheathing over time, shortening the period during which you can expect your roof to hold up against elements like these.

Roof Collapse

While a roof collapse is possible with heavy snowfall and buildup, it’s highly unlikely during about 99 percent of all snow events. Local building codes regulate the amount of weight a roof has to be able to hold, and this is based in part on average snowfall from year to year – meaning roofing restrictions are stricter here in Utah than they would be in, say, Florida. The only time there should be concern about roof collapse is during a period of extreme snowfall buildup.

Roof Inspection

Your roof might appear just fine to the naked eye, but there’s a chance problems have begun to crop up in areas you don’t really notice. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by receiving annual maintenance from a professional.

For more on keeping the roof safe during winter, or to find out about any of our services for siding, windows or your rain gutter, speak to the pros at Double T today.