Risks of an Inexperienced Siding Installer

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June 1, 2017
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Risks of an Inexperienced Siding Installer

If your home is in need of new siding for any area, you require a highly reputable siding vendor like Double T. Our technicians provide the highest level of expertise along with energy efficient options and top quality materials, and do it all with prompt and friendly service to boot.

What are the risks of installing siding using a less experienced vendor? There are actually numerous mistakes that lower quality providers will make – here are a few, plus how to avoid them where possible.

No Foam Behind Siding

Siding needs a cushion against the home, but many installers simply forget or gloss over this. We often see siding projects that are slapped directly onto the OSB with no give – even a single, minor impact to the siding will punch a nice hole in it if this is how it’s set up. Siding needs a cushion, even if it’s just a quarter of an inch of foam.

No Expansion Room

If siding is nailed in too tightly, you won’t give the material room to expand. Siding expands during the heat of summer, often needing up to half an inch of expansion room if it’s installed during cooler temperatures. Installers also need to remember to leave space between the bottom of the nail head and the top of the siding, so the siding is able to slide as it expands and contracts.


If siding isn’t nailed down in enough places along its width, this will lead to sagging – again, especially when it’s hot outside. This is another step that’s commonly just forgotten about, given the relative ease in this installation.

Joint Overlap

You need a bit of joint overlap for siding, but too much here – more than about 1-1.25” of overlap – will actually restrict siding movement when it expands. This can lead to a noticeable, wavy appearance in the siding.

No Staggering

It’s easy for less reputable installers to get into a rhythm and begin stacking seams on top of one another, but this is wrong. Seams need to be staggered to avoid creating obvious seams, and you need technicians who won’t forget about this.

To find out more about our siding services, or if you’re interested in new windows or rain gutters, speak to the pros at Double T today.