Important Factors in Choosing Window Style

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May 1, 2017
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July 1, 2017
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Important Factors in Choosing Window Style

At Double-T, we have a wide selection of numerous new window types, designs and styles to suit your needs. We partner with some of the top suppliers in the industry, and our technicians carry years of expertise in the field.

When you’re looking for new windows, what should you be considering? Here are a few of the most important areas to keep in mind while determining what sort of style you’re going for with your new windows.


You want windows that will reflect your home’s architectural style, and this is among the first steps in the selection process. If you have a more modern or contemporary home, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors are very popular. If you have a more traditional home, classic diamond-shaped mullions could do the trick. Ask one of our experts if you’re unsure what style your home lends itself to.


Windows are mostly to let in light, but they can have other purposes as well. Some sliding glass windows serve as access points to a porch or another area, and there are rooms where light or dark might be essential for some specific purpose. If these are some of the rooms where you’re considering new windows, factor these areas into your thinking as well.

Ventilation and Sun Considerations

Windows are also vital for facilitating the movement of fresh air in and out of the home, and determining these needs in advance is vital. Firstly you need to decide whether windows will be operable – whether they can be opened and closed. In certain rooms, the degree to which opening and closing is possible could make a big difference.

In addition, determine the sun’s orientation in any important areas before settling on windows. Too much sun late in the day might cause glare issues if the family is all at home, and too far on either end of the spectrum could cause issues with heating or cooling, and therefore utility bills – no sun ever entering the home naturally will require larger energy costs to heat it, for example.

Colors and Accents

Your window frames should accent the windows themselves, and really the whole home. Consider color contrasts, and look at neighboring homes if you need a bit of a guide. And of course, our experts can assist you with these kind of design elements.

To learn more about the vital factors in window selection, or about any of our siding or rain gutter services, speak to the pros at Double-T today.