Signs You Might Need New Windows

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April 1, 2017
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June 1, 2017
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Signs You Might Need New Windows

Windows are an important part of any home, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. The discerning homeowner is sure to maintain and care for their windows, and to look for replacements from a reputable vendor like Double T when the time is right.

When might some of these times be? Let’s look at a few signs that it might be time for new windows.


In certain minor cases of damage, such as warping or breaks to frames, basic repairs are possible. However, replacing damaged windows is the much more common option – repaired windows can still develop problems, including fogging and stickiness while opening and closing. If you notice these issues, or things like windows that won’t stay open or closed, it could be time to replace them.

Home Makeover or Renovation

For those who are in tune with the aesthetic element of their home, the windows play a big role. If they look worn down, so will the house overall. These items can come into play during a home sale, as well – window quality will affect curb appeal, which affects home values. Upgrading for a makeover also gives you the option to alter styles or colors as you see fit.

In addition, if you’re renovating a historic home, new windows might be vital. To maintain the historical integrity of the home, a lot of specificity is needed.

Severe Storm

If you live in a location where severe weather can take place, windows can be damaged. Winds, elements and even corrosion concerns (most frequently in areas near a coast or ocean) can threaten window quality, and their effectiveness. Know that if you’re in one of these areas, more regular window replacement might be in order.

Energy Bill

One of the most practical potentially reasons for replacing windows is your energy bill. Windows help with heating during winter by allowing in sunlight, but drafty windows can raise energy bills by up to 25 percent. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, can reduce both your heating and cooling bills – they’re also great selling points if you’re looking to list the home for sale.

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