Why Seamless Rain Gutters Make Sense

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May 3, 2018
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July 15, 2018
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Why Seamless Rain Gutters Make Sense

House red tiled roof with rain gutters and drainpipes

If you’re considering a new rain gutter for your home, you have several options available. At Double T Inc., we have several different gutter styles on hand, from the standard K style to box or copper rain gutters.

One of our options that’s exploding in popularity ever since we introduced it is the seamless rain gutter. Also called a straight-faced gutter, this is an option that is made as a single piece, with no joints other than the edges around the corners. Here are several reasons why seamless rain gutters might be right for your home.

Less Maintenance

In general, sectional gutter choices can accumulate debris in their joints as time wears on. This is possible even if you clean them regularly, as leaves and even weeds or pests can make their way into the gutters.

On the flip side, seamless rain gutters are attached more firmly and have fewer joints. This means there’s much lower risk of debris accumulation and makes them simpler to maintain.

Better Looks

Curb appeal can be a big factor in home value, and gutters play a role here. Gutters that jut out with all sorts of fasteners and joints don’t blend in very well.

Size Specifications

Seamless rain gutters are made to order in a single specific piece – one that can be created specifically according to the dimensions of your home. This means there are no corners cut in installation, literally and figuratively.

Eliminates Leaks

Sectional gutters are at far higher risk of leaking than seamless gutters. This is because joints and seals wear out faster than other elements of the gutter, and since sectional gutters have more of these, they’re naturally exposed to more wear.

ROI Considerations

Seamless gutters cost a tad more than other styles up front, but this will be well worth it to you in long term savings. Less maintenance and fewer repairs saves you money for years into the future, and as we mentioned, these gutters play a significant role in curb appeal and home value as well.

For more on why seamless rain gutters might be right for your home, or to learn about any of our new windows or new siding solutions, speak to the pros at Double T Inc. today.